Taking Control of the Fictional Strawman You

The State Created and Owned Corporate Cestui Que Vie Trust Citizen

Can Set You Free

  • The State is a bankrupt corporate entity that operates like a subsidiary in a global bankrupt holding company
  • When the “real you” was born, the State created a fictional you, your STRAWMAN, Ens Legis, a legal fiction or “Citizen”
  • The Citizen you is a Cestui Que Vie trust corporation (CQV) operating in commerce under an ALL CAPITAL LETTERS name owned by the State
  • Your Birth Certificate, a Negotiable Security Instrument, was created and sold by the State to create “currency” backed by your energy and future labour (together with all other Citizens), the real you finances the majority of State expenditure
  • Becoming a Secured Party Creditor (SPC) is a way to take control of the CQV trust to:
    • Recoup money belonging to the real you
    • Create new money to discharge your Citizen’s debts and taxes
    • Create new money to buy a house, a car, goods and services
  • This document answers three frequently asked questions
    1. What is SPC?
    2. Why become SPC?
    3. How to keep the SPC standing?

What is an SPC?

  • An SPC is a Secured Party Creditor, or what is also known as a Secured Party and Creditor. Basically, becoming a Secured Party Creditor is the separation of the living man or woman from the all capital letters name or ens legis, which is also known as the Strawman, and ens legis means it is a creature of the law and thus not a real living man or woman, it’s just a legal fiction that was made or created by the corporate government.
  • An SPC is therefore someone who separated themselves from the legal fiction and asserted themselves as a living man or woman with control over that legal fiction and also making sure the man or
    woman is no longer responsible for the liabilities of the all capital

    letters name and are not accepting responsibilities for the liabilities

    you did not create.

What are the key steps in becoming a Secured Party creditor?

  • There are a number of steps, however, some of the key steps involve the filing of something called a UCC 1 Financing Statement, which is a public record of your assertion that you are the secured party and you are no longer the debtor. Without the UCC 1, everything you have has been and is pledged to the corporate government so it
    is all owned by the state. You are merely the user of the property
    and you must use the property in strict compliance with the rules the state sets.
  • Failure to follow those rules is why you pay fines and must pay taxes.
  • Thus, escaping from this control would extricate you from these rules and you will legitimately own the things you think you own and release the Secured Party from the control of the corporate government and provide for you to live without the burden of taxation. Another key point is the executing of a Lien on the all capitals name as was created by the corporate government at the time we were born.
  • A Lien is like a bank holding your mortgage, they have a lien on your house, which means you cannot sell your house without the bank
    being notified or paid. In the same way, you have a lien on your all
    capitals name and so you control the name as senior lien holder and nothing can happen to that name without your being aware and allowing it to happen.
  • Another key point is the notifications to ensure that it is a matter of public record that you are now a Secured Party creditor. In addition to the UCC 1 filing, there are also notifications sent within the local territory where your living and these notifications are made as statements so there is no need for a reply as often they will be ignored.
  • But, as always, ignoring a notice is tacit acquiescence and thus makes your notification a fact and beyond dispute.

What are the benefits of being a Secured Party Creditor?

  • The problem is that everyone is enslaved into the system! This is because at birth we are all pledged to the state as an asset and guarantee against the national debt of the country where we are born. It’s at the moment of registration that a baby is given to the state. Until something is done to reverse the situation, this can be a lifelong bondage. Becoming a Secured Party Creditor reverses this problem! Remember, a “slave” is someone who is wholly subject and under the control of the will of another.
  • There are degrees of slavery, but any loss of your rights and the ability to exercise your free will, is a degree of slavery. The Secured Party is someone who is able to exercise their own will without the controls of or bondage to, the corporate government.
  • This is indeed a key benefit.
  • By separating yourself from the all capitals name and taking control of it, you’re not responsible any longer for the liabilities of the Strawman and you can act as the agent for the all capitals name or as the beneficiary of the Strawman by looking after it.
  • However, you as a living man or woman are able to remove yourself from the system and then take full control the Strawman along with all the assets and benefits of the Strawman going back to the age of 18. Also by becoming the Secured Party it protects the assets of the all capitals name from levy, seizure, garnishment or forfeiture.
  • This is because you are the senior lien holder, just like the bank holding a mortgage on your house, but in this case, you hold the mortgage and you are the first in line, so the corporate government no longer holds the lien over you through your Strawman, you do! Sometimes you might well choose to contract with the corporate government, but in future, it should be on your terms, not theirs! You have an equal seat at the negotiating table and if they don’t offer you a fair deal, now you have the right to say no and they cannot countermand your wishes because they no longer have
    ownership over you, your corporate name or your Trust.
  • You have rescinded their authority over you by taking control of your assets, which were hidden from you since birth. This is yet another major benefit which places you squarely in control of your destiny.

What are the dangers to be aware of once you are a Secured Party Creditor?

  • Actually there are no dangers.
  • There is no downside to achieving personal financial freedom and the reality is that once you have achieved the correction of your status; that is by becoming the Secured Party Creditor over your Strawman, then you can learn to operate as a Private Individual.
  • You’re no longer living in a public environment and no longer a property or asset of the state, as you have now taken over the asset and can operate in the Private world of the living and not the dead world of the corporate government and all the legal fictions that only operate in the public world.
  • In fact they only real danger is if you make a mistake or fall into one of the many traps which are set to try and recapture you back into the public world.
  • This is the main or primary danger as within the Private world you have only the benefit of exercising your natural rights, so the global system is designed to keep you enslaved or if you find a way out by becoming a Secured Party Creditor, then there are many traps that are designed to rein you back into the public arena where you can possibly be enslaved or captured once more under the control of the corporate government.
  • As noted above, there are many benefits. However, the dangers are few and actually can only occur if you fail to protect what you have achieved. By being educated and informed as well as continuing to remain alert, then you should be able to enjoy a bright future as a Secured Party Creditor or as it’s often abbreviated, as an SPC.
  • The choice is entirely yours.
  • To be informed and diligent as an SPC will ensure years of trouble and tax free activities where you are in control of your destiny, which is as it should have been from the start before your position was usurped by the corporate government.
  • The Secured Party Creditor must defend their situation and position. Previously, the individual only had mercy to rely on from the corporate governments and we know they do not have much of this to share, so we need a tool to protect us.
  • This is what the Secured Party Creditor now has. This gives you the right to defend your freedom to choose and even in their system of governance, they cannot compel you to comply any more, because they do not “own” you. This is what it means to become a Secured Party Creditor.
  • You are secured, you are the creditor, but you still have to defend this new position. No one will grant it to you easily because they don’t want to let you go.
  • This means that if you are careless, or don’t understand the power of what you have achieved, then it is possible for you to still contract with the corporate government again.
  • You must continue to live as a Secured Party Creditor and you must defend the rights you have now taken back so you need to be informed about your position and the benefits it confers upon you it has been said that the globalists plan for you to own nothing, well, you have made sure that will not happen in your case.
  • But you need to be alert to any attempts to recapture you.
  • By being informed and appreciative of your new and improved status, you’ll be successful and secure for life.

How Do you Avoid Being Dragged Back Into he Public?

  • The problem is actually both a simple and yet complex one all at the same time.
  • There are just two words to be aware of.
  • These two words are thus: JURISDICTION JOINDER
  • By becoming a Secured Party Creditor you have managed to move from the Public Jurisdiction to the Private Jurisdiction and you don’t want to go back into the Public jurisdiction unless it is on the terms that suit you. Jurisdiction is like saying the domain or territory under which you are operating. Some jurisdictions are places, like England or London or Paris, but many jurisdictions are just legal places and not physical locations. Because they aren’t physical places we need to understand when we are in the jurisdiction where we want to be.

How do we avoid going into the wrong jurisdiction?

  • The answer is in the second word we showed above, that word is; JOINDER.
  • This is where we create a link between a living man or woman and the Strawman which is always in the Public jurisdiction.
  • It’s a bit like a game of snakes and ladders, where the ladders are the steps you take to become the Secured Party Creditor and the snakes are the hidden traps to make you create joinder and fall back into their jurisdiction so that you become subject to the rules of the public domain or jurisdiction as soon as you accidentally create joinder.

How do you create joinder?

  • When you make the connection between you a living man or woman and the Strawman, such as paying a fine and by accepting liability for it personally, then you’ve created joinder as you have joined yourself back to the strawman and become liable for the debts and duties of the Strawman once again. It’s like going on a snake and sliding back in the wrong jurisdiction again.
  • There are ways to handle the situations which will arise that are designed to recapture you, and if you make a mistake with the issue of joinder then there are ladders to help you climb back up again to regain your status. Once you achieve SPC Status, you can act for or on behalf of the Strawman, but you should never be the Strawman again.
  • This is what you need to avoid and this is why you need to be informed. All of the possible pitfalls that are placed there to recapture you are summed up by those two words of  “Jurisdiction” and “Joinder” so whatever issue you might face, always look as how you ended up in the wrong jurisdiction and where did the joinder happen to make you fall into that trap?
  • These are the two sources of your potential problems and no matter what happens, no matter what problems it may appear that are unique that you are facing, it always boils down to those two words!
  • This is what you need to avoid and this is why you need to be informed.
  • All of the possible pitfalls that are placed there to recapture you are summed up by those two words of “Jurisdiction” and “Joinder” so whatever issue you might face, always look as how you ended up in the wrong jurisdiction and where did the joinder happen to make you fall into that trap?
  • These are the two sources of your potential problems and no matter what happens, no matter what problems it may appear that are unique that you are facing, it always boils down to those two words!

How do you avoid the problem of Joinder?

Here are a few handy tips on avoiding joinder in your daily

1) When signing anything official, do so as either the beneficiary oras the agent.

  • Therefore if you are paying an expense on behalf of the Strawman, you sign as the Agent, by putting Agent after the signatory, so you are acting for the Strawman and not acting as the strawman.
  • There is such a huge difference between the two, so you should get used to signing in this way on official forms.

2) When using your post code, always present it in brackets.

  • This is important due to the boxes rule.
  • Anything in a box on a page isn’t legally part of the page.
  • Two square brackets constitute a box in a box as the page is the original box.
  • This thus changes the jurisdiction from the City of London, that owns the post codes, to the physical jurisdiction of Aberdeen in Scotland, and that is a physical place and jurisdiction as opposed to the legal place and jurisdiction that is actually owned by the City of London.
  • A small change and a devious snake on the board designed to drag you back into their public jurisdiction.
  • Remember who you are.
  • If you were told you were born as Mark James Smith then you name is actually Mark James and your family name is the added part, so if you wrote your full name then it is best without the family name or if using the family name, then it must be separated.
  • Without the family name: MarkJames or markjames
  • With the family name: MarkJames: Smith Concluding Comments Never write your name in all capital letters.
  • Writing the name in all CAPS causes an immediate loss of status.
  • For example, if your post code is, AB1 2RZ, then you would put it in a square box by using square brackets.
  • 17 Argyll Street Aberdeen Scotland [AB1 2RZ]
  • This allows the post code to be seen for informational purposes but by placing them in the square brackets, it says it is not legally a part of the document.
  • Concluding Comments
  • Never write your name in all capital letters.
  • This is an immediate loss of status.
  • This is why you are asked to write your name in capital letters on forms, because it assures your loss of status just as if you vote and you place an X in the box, just as someone used to do that couldn’t write their own name.
  • Voting is giving a power of attorney to whomever you vote for and use an X to prove you are incompetent and unable to make your own decisions.
  • These are ways of falling into their public  jurisdiction.
  • But by being diligent you an avoid these snakes or pitfalls and retain your status.
  • By keeping informed and remaining diligent you can easily become proficient at protecting your status and continue to grow in knowledge as you start to regain and build the financial freedoms to which you were originally entitled to at birth and to succeed for all who choose the path to freedom